CRCAO member - Japan Team

Mechtild Mertz

Researcher, CNRS


My research project focuses on the study of religious wooden sculptures, that are important testimonies of Japanese and Chinese culture. In particular, I wish to improve the knowledge of their geographical provenance and their period of manufacture, important but often lost data.

My research is applied to Buddhist, Shintô and Taoist sculpture. I have included in this last category the statues of ancestors for domestic cultic use, as well as Taoist masters and local and national deities.

My project initially focuses on pieces preserved in Western collections, in anticipation of one day having access to Chinese national collections.

Buddhist sculptures preserved in Japan have been the subject of in-depth studies by Japanese researchers, and Shinto statuary, which is still little explored, is given priority.

My approach is multidisciplinary and developed according to four axes. The first is based on an innovative methodology applied on a large scale in Japan; it is based on techniques developed in wood anatomy. The second is based on a classical, stylistic and iconographic analysis of Buddhist sculpture. The wealth of information collected from traditional woodworkers during my doctoral research leads thirdly to extend this fieldwork to sculptors of religious and cultual statuary, as close as possible to the material and technique. In the fourth axis I envisage a cooperation with sinologists to exploit ancient texts that refer to the significance of the wood species in religious sculpture.

My goal is to organize the collected data in a multilingual database to facilitate their exploitation. I will put it online to allow broad and international access to researchers, art historians, archaeologists, curators and conservators.

Research thematics

  • Collaboration in the realization of a microscopic atlas of 1000 Chinese wood species, a project led by an international team of Chinese (Nanjing Forestry University) and Japanese (Kyoto University, RISH) specialists
  • Religious and cultual wood species of Japan and China (Buddhism, Taoism, Shintô)
  • Excavated wooden remains
  • The woods of Chinese and Japanese Buddhist sculpture
  • Material culture
  • Microscopic wood species identification through the cellular microstructure analysis

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