The Civilizations of East Asia series publishes research works in the areas corresponding to the activities of the CRCAO laboratory: Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan cultural areas, and more generally all of East Asia.

The disciplinary fields concerned are those corresponding to the activities of the members of the CRCAO: history, art history and aesthetics, archaeology, literature, philology, religions and religious history, philosophy, anthropology, and social and political sciences.

Publication in the series is not restricted to CRCAO members. Any scholar of East Asia working in the aforementioned areas and disciplines may submit manuscripts.


The Civilizations of East Asia series offers four collections:

Civilizations of East Asia / Traverses

Monographs. The collection concerns any monographic study, either by a single author or by several authors

Civilizations of East Asia / Rencontres

(« Rencontres » is French for « Encounters ») 

Thematic collections

Collective works with a strong thematic unity and falling under categories such as:

  • Results of the work of a research program or group
  • Selected papers of symposiums or workshops
  • Volumes of tributes, Festschrifts, collective volumes

Civilizations of East Asia / Recto-verso


All texts or works in the above-mentioned areas and disciplines, with introduction and critical apparatus.

Civilizations of East Asia / L’Atelier

(”L’Atelier” is French for ”The Workshop”) 

Research work with a strong technical or heritage character in the abovementioned regional and disciplinary areas, in categories such as:

  • Critical editions; any edition presenting a new contribution on a text or a work
  • Excavation reports
  • Catalogs and inventories
  • Manuals or practical guides related to research methods
  • Works of an educational nature


The Civilizations of East Asia series publishes works in French and English. Parts of books (chapters) may be published in Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan.


The Civilizations of East Asia series is published in the collection « Mondes asiatiques » of the Institut des civilisations du Collège de France, on the OpenEdition Books portal.

The CRCAO has adopted an open access policy for all its publications. Digital formats (HTML, PDF, epub) are available for free download. The books in paper form are available in print-on-demand format and can be ordered on the i6doc platform.

Composition of the editorial committee


Rainier Lanselle (EPHE)


Elise Lemardelé (CNRS)

Charlotte Thionois (EPHE)

Editorial Committee

Jean-Luc Achard (Tibet, CNRS)

Marie Bizais (China, University of Strasbourg)

Laurianne Bruneau (Tibet, EPHE)

Nicolas Mollard (Japan, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University)

Costantino Moretti (China, EFEO)

Gérald Peloux (Japan, University of Cergy)

Jean-Noël Robert (Japan, Collège de France)

Victor Vuilleumier (China, Inalco)