CRCAO member - China Team

Garance Chao Zhang

Research Associate in the Analysis of Historical and Cultural Sources, École Pratique des Hautes Études


Research Fellow at the Zen Institute, Komazawa University 駒澤大学禅研究所

My field of research is the religious culture of premodern China (around the 10th-15th centuries). I am particularly interested in Chan Buddhism, which, during this period, experienced unparalleled dynamism on Chinese soil and spread throughout a vast area of East Asia. I have examined two major aspects of its religious paradigm – historiography and monasticism – by situating them both in the Buddhist tradition and in the contexts of Chinese society and the Sinosphere. I will soon be developing a third line of research on the establishment of Chinese Chan in Medieval Japan.

Within the China team, I am in charge of coordinating the Dunhuang studies project and, more generally, of providing support for research.

Research thematics

  • History of East Asia
  • Sinographical culture
  • Chan/Zen/Seon Buddhism
  • Digital Humanities and Dunhuang studies

Publications (HAL Collection CRCAO)

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