The Project

In 2007, the Centre for the study of Manuscript Cultures of Hamburg University undertook an ambitious international project to publish an Encyclopaedia of Manuscript Cultures in Asia and Africa. The project is directed by professors Michael Friedrich, Harunaga Isaacson and Jörg B. Quenzer from Hamburg University.

In 2012, CRCAO researchers were invited to take part in this project.

Eight members of the CRCAO are currently engaged in this editorial project, which includes the writing of Encyclopaedia entries and overview articles (Jean-Pierre Drège), and also the sub-editing work of various parts of this work that concern “Medieval China” (Imre Galambos and Costantino Moretti) and “Modern China” (Nathalie Monnet).

This publication aims to spread the knowledge of the specific features of Asian and African manuscript cultures — at present less well known than their European equivalents — to a larger public.


Jean-Pierre Drège, Imre Galambos, Kuo Liying, Christine Mollier, Nathalie Monnet, Costantino Moretti, Olivier Venture, Françoise Wang-Toutain.

Project website

Apart from this editorial project, the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures and the CRCAO are committed to a long-term partnership with the aim of developing new projects concerning East-Asian manuscripts, a field in which the CRCAO has excelled for many years.