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History of Contemporary East Asia : Sources, Methods, Objects

October 25 2023 - May 15 2024 - Seminar


This seminar is aimed at stimulating discussion based on current research into the history of contemporary East Asia (China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan…), highlighting the issues involved in collecting and analyzing sources from this region: access to documentation, corpus building, plurilinguistic skills. Emphasis will also be placed on the variety of regional, transnational, connected, circulatory or comparative approaches, made necessary by the historiographical turns of the last three decades, giving a central place to imperial and post-imperial history. Finally, given the growing difficulties of access to certain fields, the seminar will focus on identifying new or revisited sources, in the light of research methods that renew exploration.


Each session will be built around the presentation of an original corpus of sources (public and private, manuscript and printed, literary, oral, visual and audiovisual, material and digitized) and a discussion of the methodological and historiographical problems posed by its exploitation. Students wishing to obtain a grade will be asked to do similar work, based on their own corpus of research. Knowledge of at least one East Asian language is desirable.


Date : one Wednesday per month, from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Location : Université Paris Cité.

From October to December 2023, the seminar will take place at the Room 405B (4e étage, Bâtiment de la Halle aux Farines, 10 rue Françoise Dolto 75013 Paris). From January to May 2024, the seminar will be held at the Room Léon Vandermeersch (481C, 4th floor, building C, 5 rue Thomas Mann, 75013, Paris).


Organization : Ken Daimaru (Université Paris Cité, CRCAO), Alain Delissen (EHESS, CCJ) et Victor Louzon (Sorbonne Université, SIRICE).



October 25: Liu Jianhui (International Research Center for Japanese Studies), “Modernity in Japan as Seen Through Postcards – Material from the Collection of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies”.

November 8: Pierre Emmanuel Roux (Université Paris Cité), “ Saintly Martyr or Odious Traitor? The Trial of Father André Kim Taegŏn (1821-1846) Tested by Sources”.

December 13: Marie-Paule Hille (EHESS), “Hagiographic Sources and Private Ego-documents: Some Perspectives for a New Approach to the History of Muslims in Northwest China”.

January 31: Coraline Jortay (CNRS), “Republican China: Intersecting Linguistic and Literary Sources to Question the Evidence of the National Language”.

February 14: Homei Aya (Manchester University), “Administrative Materials Related to Forced Sterilization in Japan”.

February 28: Fujii Kо̄ki (Shimane University), “Japanese Composer Takagi Toroku’s Diaries in Paris (1928-1931):Musical and Cultural Experiences Handwritten by an Overseas Student”

April 3: Xavier Paules (EHESS), « How to Write the History of a Game of Chance over Two Millennia, the Case of fantan 番攤 »

May 15: Lim Jie-Hyun (Sogang University), “Traces of an Ego History: An Eastern Historian on the Other East” & Joshua Fogel (University of York), “The Esperanto Movement in Japan”.


Contact : Ken Daimaru