This program is an extension of the previous five-year plan’s project “Modern and Contemporary Chinese literature”. It will focus on literary practices in the digital age, and Internet literature in particular, which appeared in China at the end of 1990s and created a new space in the local literary landscape and developed on a remarkable scale. The programme will be organised around two main research themes: “Literary practices of classical genres” (and its relationship with traditional literature) and “trans-mediality” (literary specificities linked to new technology). The aim will be to examine literary continuity and innovation in relation to the new socio-cultural context.

Scientific output and planned scientific activities

2019-2021. Organisation of themed workshops, with the publication of articles in French, and/or in English, in Chinese, in France and/or in China, in the USA.
2022. Organisation of a closing international symposium (in China or in Paris).
2023. Publication of the proceedings, in French, and/or in English, in Chinese, in France and/or in China, in the USA.



culture translation studies literature society information technology



Shuang Xu (Université Paris Cité)

CRCAO members

Full members
Shuang Xu (Université Paris Cité)
Victor Vuilleumier 宇乐文 (Université Paris Cité)

Associated members
Johan Rols (CNRS)

Doctoral students
Yihan Xiong (Université Paris Cité)

Outside Participants

Yinde Zhang (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3)
Nicolas Zufferey (University of Geneva)
Carlos Rojas (Duke University, USA)
Zhange Ni (Virginia Tech, USA)
Shao Yanjun (Beijing University, China)
Xia Lie (Hangzhou Normal University, China)
Yihan Xiong (PhD candidate)