CRCAO member - Japan Team

Mario Talamo

Contractual teacher, University of Catane


My research project concerns the evolution of intellectual paradigms during the late Edo period, specifically between Kansei and Tenpō Reforms, through the transformations of two of the most popular literary subgenres of the period, tales of vengeance (or katakiuchi mono), that served as mean of propaganda of the ideology supported by the Bakufu, and comic travelogues (or hizakurige mono). My study is based on the transcription, the analysis and the codification of printed texts issued during the bakumatsu.

Research thematics

  • Late Edo period
  • History of ideas
  • Morphology of the tale
  • Dramatis personae
  • Functions
  • Social criticism
  • Confucianism
  • Japanese Studies (Kokugaku)
  • Kaiho Seiryō
  • Paradigm of natural invention (shizen)
  • Idea of artificial invention (sakui)
  • Palaeography of late Edo printed texts
  • Japanese Philology
  • Transcription and translation of printed texts published between Kansei and Tenpō Reforms