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Reconstructing East Asian Modern Cultural History. A Dialogical Perspective

October 23 2023 - Conference

Monday October 23, 2023

Seminar Room Léon Vandermeersch (481C, 4th floor, building C, 5 rue Thomas Mann, 75013, Paris)

Participants : Liu Jianhui (International Research Centre for Japanese Studies, Japan, visiting professor at Université Paris Cité), Ken Daimaru (Université Paris Cité, CRCAO), Clara Wartelle (Université Paris Cité, CRCAO), Daniel Struve (Université Paris Cité, CRCAO), Pablo Blitstein (EHESS, CRH), Mirori Hirose (Université Paris Cité, CRCAO), Naomi Matsumoto (Goldsmiths, University of London), Victor Vuillemier (INALCO, IFRAE), Emmanuel Lozerand (INALCO, IFRAE), Victor Louzon (Sorbonne Université, SIRICE), Alain Delissen (EHESS, CCJ), Arnaud Nanta (CNRS, IAO), Anne Kerlan (EHESS, CCJ).

Organisation : Ken Daimaru (Université Paris Cité, CRCAO), Clara Wartelle (Université Paris Cité, CRCAO)

With the support of the CRCAO, of the Faculty of Societies and Humanities and et of the Departement of East Asian Languages and Civilizations of Université Paris Cité.


The workshop “Reconstructing Modern East Asian Cultural History. A Dialogical Approach” is aimed at stimulating a new interdisciplinary and international cooperation on the question of modernity in East Asia. It envisages a cross-cultural history of modernity in East Asia. We highlight the construction of multiple knowledges (in fields such as administration, art, visual and acoustic cultures, literature, medicine, political thought, urbanity), addressing the ways in which life in a « hybrid cultural community » is mutually shaped in the context of modernity, empire and globalization by actors, and this beyond a one-sided approach to what « savants » do to « others ». The focus on intercultural dynamics brings a particular attention to the development of networks enabling actors to mobilize and share diverse resources, as well as to processes of rationalization and internalization in the context of « laboratories of modernity ».