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Women on the Roof of the World: Identity, Ethnicity, and Modernity

04 avril 2023 - 05 avril 2023 - Séminaire

International Workshop on Gender Issues across the Himalayas

Keynote Speech 1

Gender Studies and Tibetan Studies: A Still Uneasy Relationship

Prof. Françoise Robin

09:30-10:30 CEST, 4 April

The world of Tibetan and Himalayan studies, an otherwise vibrant and innovative field of academic research on the world stage, has been slow in embracing or even making room for gender studies. Women in Tibet, edited by Janet Gyatso and Hanna Havnevik in 2005, was a watershed and certainly filled in a blank, emboldening other researchers to embark upon that small-trodden path. But much remains to be done. This brief talk will explore the possible reasons for that late awakening, and will suggest potential developments for the future.

– Prof. Françoise Robin is a Tibetan-studies professor at INALCO, where she specialises in the language, cinema, and literature of Tibet. She is currently the general secretary of the International Association for Tibetan Studies.

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Meeting ID: 916 0421 1774   Passcode: hS95e0

Keynote Speech 2

From Gender to Sexual Democracy: Concepts and Contexts

Prof. Éric Fassin (Université Paris 8)

10:00-11:30 CEST, 5 April

In 1986, feminist historian Joan W. Scott famously defined gender, not only as “a constitutive element of social relationships based on perceived differences between the sexes,” but also as “a primary way of signifying relationships of power” – including class, race, religion, and nation. Gender is not so much about nature and culture as it is a political issue that involves laws and norms. But this concept does not exist outside of time and space. Not only does it address historical contexts, it must also be contextualized historically. What becomes of gender in today’s age of sexual democracy with the development of campaigns against gender studies?

– Prof. Éric Fassin is a French sociologist. His research focuses on contemporary sexual and racial politics in France and the United States and their intersections (in particular, concerning immigration issues in Europe) in a comparative perspective. He is author of L’inversion de la question homosexuelle (2005), Droit conjugal et unions de même sexe: mariage, partenariat et concubinage dans neuf pays européens (with Kees Waaldijk, 2008) and Le sexe politique. Genre et sexualité au miroir transatlantique (2009).

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Meeting ID: 916 0421 1774   Passcode: hS95e0

Date and venue: 4-5 April, Grand Salon, Maison de l’Asie

Workshop Organisers: Chandra EHM (EPHE/LMU), Qiujie CHEN (EPHE), Chang LIU (EPHE)

Workshop Sponsors: EPHE, CRCAO, SFEMT