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The Many Faces of King Gesar


The Tibetan Gesar epic, considered “the world’s longest poem,” has been the object of countless retellings, translations, and academic studies in the two centuries since it was first introduced to European readers. In The Many Faces of Ling Gesar, its many aspects—historical, cultural, and literary—are surveyed for the first time in a single volume in English, addressed to both general readers and specialists. The original scholarship presented here, by international experts in Tibetan Studies, honours the contributions of Rolf A. Stein (1911-1999), whose studies of the Tibetan epic are the enduring standard in this field.

L’ouvrage, rédigé sous la direct de Matthew Kapstein et Charles Ramble, réunit les actes du colloque Destins divers de l’épopée de Gesar de Ling, Homage à Rolf A. Stein tenu au Collège de France en octobre 2014 avec le soutien de l’EPHE et du CRCAO.

Publié en janvier 2022 aux éditions Brill