CRCAO member - TBACT Team

Yuewei Wang (王玥玮)

Ph.D., École Pratique des Hautes Études


My doctoral thesis, « The Cult of the Mountain God Gnyan chen Thang lha in Tibet, » is a textual and historical study that systematically explored a diverse range of Tibetan texts, including those from Dunhuang, Buddhism, and Bön, uncovering the complex and multifaceted nature of Gnyan chen Thang lha’s worship. The method involves analyzing the narrative and identity changes of a famous Tibetan mountain deity in various Tibetan texts across different historical periods, thus offering insights into the shifts in Tibet’s religious history.

My postdoctoral research at CRCAO will build on my doctoral thesis, but shift the approach to anthropology and field studies. By conducting fieldwork, I will investigate how Thang lha is manifested in the folk cults and social practices of Tibetan communities and compare these findings with the depictions of Thang lha in texts. This approach aims to present a comprehensive picture of Tibet’s mountain deity worship, enriched by both textual sources and practical observations.

Research thematics

  • Tibetan mountain god Gnyan chen Thang lha in folk tradition and social practice

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