CRCAO member - TBACT Team

Von Rospatt Alexander

University of California, Santa Barbara


Dates: December 2017

Talk(s)/Project: Narrating and Painting the Mythological History of Buddhism in Nepal: Nepalese Buddhism and its narrative traditions. An overview of the different versions of the Svayambhūpurāṇa, its content and narrative stategy; Myth-Writing. The periodic renovations of the Svayambhū stūpa of Kathmandu, and how they shaped the mythological narrative of the Stūpa’s construction; The depiction of the Svayambhūpurāṇa in situ at the Svayambhū stūpa, stories of rainmaking, and the Purāṇa’s appropriation by the Hindu King Pratāpa Malla; The expansion and vernacularization of the Svayambhupurāṇa, and its depiction in the Paris and Virginia painted scrolls

Research thematics

  • Buddhism
  • Art history