CRCAO member - TBACT Team

Federica Venturi

Researcher (2016-2020), ERC Tibarmy, Independent


I am a historian of Tibet whose work is founded on textual sources and philologically grounded research. I focus on traditional and pre-occupation Tibet, while my interest in post-occupation Tibet centers mostly on resistance movements and attempts to regain suppressed traditions and customs. Topics of particular interest are religious geographies, sacred places and pilgrimage, especially in view of reconstructing destroyed sacred sites and traditions; Buddhism and the justification of violence, especially in relation to warfare; the history of Tibetan resistance movements to Chinese occupation.

Research thematics

  • History of sacred places
  • Pilgrimage
  • Religious geography
  • The interrelation of politics, economy and religion and its impact on Tibetan society
  • The justification of violence by religious institutions
  • The history of Sa skya monastery