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Chandra Chiara Ehm

École Pratique des Hautes Études

Thesis : Yellow Hats, Indian Pandits, and Practice in the Geluk Order
Directed by Charles Ramble


Trained in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and anthropology, I am interested in Tibetan Buddhist monastic communities and their multifaceted realities. I look at the monk, the nun, their institutional positioning, their philosophical studies, ritual, and how recent processes of social change, modernisation, and secularisation affect them in direct and indirect ways.

In my doctoral research, my analyses rely on an interdisciplinary approach combining a philological skillset to the philosophical texts, in particular of the Abhisamayālaṅkāra, with fieldwork in contemporary monastic communities in Tibet, Nepal, and India.

I also work on Tibetan women and nuns’ social and religious positioning and explore how their state of marginalisation is challenged by an increasingly globalised and connected world.

Research thematics

  • Tibetan Buddhist philosophy
  • Abhisamayālaṅkāra
  • Tibetan Buddhist monasticism
  • Processes of modernisation and secularisation within religious traditions of Tibet
  • Women and nuns in Tibetan cultures and religions

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