CRCAO member - China Team

Balmont Alexis

École Pratique des Hautes Études

Thesis : Christian Texts in Middle-Chinese (618-1015)
Directed by Pierre Marsone and Dietmar Winkler


I work on a critical edition in French of the christian texts written in Middle-Chinese between 618 and 1015, traditionally known as the « corpus 景教 » : the Xian stele, and seven other manuscrits discovered at the beginning of the XXth century :《一神論》,《序聽迷詩所經》, 《秦景教宣元本經》,《大秦景教大聖通真歸法讚》,《志玄安樂經》, 《尊經》and《大秦景教三威蒙度讚》. Studying their sources in the Christian texts of Central Asia written in Sogdian, in Syriac and in Old-Turkish, and also in the buddhist, taoist and manichean literature, I have the project to add new arguments to re-evaluate the attribution of two of them to the Syro-Oriental Church : 《一神論》and《序聽迷詩所經》

Research thematics

  • History of Chinese Christianism
  • Dunhuang
  • Jingjiao’s corpus
  • Syro-oriental missions in China
  • Xian stele
  • Luoyang Pillar