CRCAO member - China Team

Anna Maria Cavalletti

Université Paris Cité

Thesis : The literary representation of otherness and its links with the definition of Chinese identity in late imperial China: readings of Wang Tao, Chen Jitong and Zeng Pu
Directed by Victor Vuilleumier


In my research I analyse the representation of Europe and European people as well as the figure of the observer, namely subjects presenting themselves as individuals with personal characteristics and distinctive features of a culture and a country. For this purpose, I focus on the travelogues of Wang Tao 王韬 (1828-1897) and Chen Jitong 陈季同 (1851-1907) along with a selection of fictional literary works of the same period.

Research thematics

  • Chinese travel literature – youji wenxue 游记文学
  • Chinese travellers in Europe in late imperial China
  • Chinese literature
  • Literary and linguistic representations of otherness
  • Processes of defining Chinese identity