For its first project, the MAFNEC team adopted the perspective of the relations between men and environment on the long time frame, focussing on the Dongliao River Valley in the Southwest of Jilin Province, a region located at a crossroad between various cultures and traditions of Northeast China during each period. This project encompasses the multidisciplinary study of three sites (Changshan, Dajinshan, and Pianliancheng). This region is a contact point between three ecological environments (the Dahai Mountains in the East, the Horqin Desert in the West and the Changchun Plain in the North), three provinces (Jilin, Inner Mongolia and Liaoning), and various archaeological cultures. Archaeological remains from the Southwest of Jilin Province have not been well studied so far, and such research can only be carried out in cooperation between international scientists.

One of the main research themes questions focus on the Neolithisation processes and the dynamics in play during the transition between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age periods. Landscape formation is rarely researched in China and is an important focus of this study for each site. Two of them – Changshan and Dajinshan – have been chosen because of their location within a group of ancient river beds which have had a large influence on the shapes of the landscape and on the available resources during the successive periods. This region of sandy black soils (phenozems) is the place of significant erosion processes which are accelerated by recent practices of deforestation and intensive agriculture. Research on the origin of raw materials and on short and long-distance exchanges are other important research focuses of the project.


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