The series “Research on East Asian Civilizations” assembles studies from a wide range of disciplines, all of which have as their point in common the countries of East Asia.

Its purpose is the publication of research carried out by members of the East Asian Civilizations Research Centre (Centre de recherche sur les civilisations de l’Asie orientale, CRCAO). This research addresses all historical periods, from ancient times to the present day, and belongs to a large number of different disciplines (history, archaeology, art history, the history of knowledge and techniques, architecture, epigraphy, literature, manuscript studies, book history, etc.).

In this, the studies in this series correspond to public demand by, for example, shedding new light on the significance and origins of political and social change in contemporary Japan, the political, religious, and linguistic transformations of the Tibetan cultural zone, or the great political and cultural evolutions of the Chinese Empire.

Works published in the series are peer reviewed: a board composed of members of the CRCAO is responsible for soliciting two external reviewers for each manuscript, which is then evaluated according to the principle of double-blind peer review.


The series “Research on East Asian Civilizations” (Recherches sur les civilisations de l’Asie orientale) is published in the collection Asian Worlds (Mondes asiatiques) of the Institute of Civilizations of the Collège de France. It is made available on the platform Openedition Books.

The electronic works in this series are open access.