CRCAO member - Japan Team

Sarah Vallette d’Osia

Université de Paris

Thesis : Courtesans in the Government-Licensed Prostitution System and the Pleasure Quarters Society: an analysis of the Exploitation, Status and Individual Realities of Women employed in the Shimabara Red-light District of Kyoto during the Edo Period (17th-19th)
Directed by Annick Horiuchi


Temporary Lecturer at the University of Paris (former Paris Diderot University)

Member of the Doctoral School 131

PhD student representative at the Scientific Council of East Asian Languages and Civilization department (UFR LCAO)

Research thematics

  • Edo Period
  • Prostitution
  • Women’s history
  • Early Modern Society
  • Courtesans

Publications (HAL Archive Ouverte)

  • Sarah Vallette d'Osia. Nihon kinsei chûki kôki ni okeru kôshô seido Kyôto no Shimabara yûkaku no yûjo no sonzai, shakaiteki mibun, ichi wo megutte「日本近世中期・後期における公娼制度 京都の島原遊廓の遊女の存在・社会的身分・位置付けをめぐって」. kamizono 神園, Meiji jingû kokusai shintô bunka kenkyûjo, 2018, 19. ⟨hal-03125629⟩