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Research theme

The Language of Space in Japanese Museum Architecture. Concepts and specific features of exhibition design and artwork display in modern Japanese art museums
Under the direction of Prof. Nicolas FIEVE

Approaching the use of architecture space as a non written cultural aspect, the research considers Japanese practices in art museums and exhibitions, such as the exhibition design from concept to perception, and the display of artworks and objects, up to the present day.

In order to shed light on modern art museums and exhibitions, the research includes the traditional aesthetics and codes of space, the early art exhibitions in Edo Era, up to the origins of Japanese museums in Meiji Era, before focussing on a few examples of modern art museums.

The combination of architecture and design experience with museology skills aims at understanding the specific features of modern Japanese museums. Visits and analytic assessments on museums are completed by meetings and interviews with museum specialists in Japan, such as museum directors and curators, cultural institutions representatives, architects, exhibition designers and production companies.

- Giada Ricci Architect, Exhibition designer, Associate professor in Museology, graduated as an architect at Florence University, Italy, followed postgraduate museum studies in France. As an independent architect and approaching various museum contexts and collection types, she has led museum and exhibition design programmes in Asia (Japan and China), Europe, Arab States and America. Currently Expert in Museology-museography for UNESCO, Culture Sector, on museum projects worldwide, also performing specialized training programmes. Currently Associate professor in Exhibition design and Scenography, Master II level, at the Ecole du Louvre, Paris, at Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, UAE, and at INP, Institut National du Patrimoine, Paris.