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Under contract doctoral student
Paris Diderot Paris 7 University
Doctoral School 131 : Language, literature, picture : civilisations and humanities (English, French and East Asian studies)
Faculty of East Asian Studies – Chinese Department

Thesis title : Subjective Expression in Dream Accounts of Qing Fictional Literature

Thesis director : Rainier Lanselle

Literary dreams are a very specific field through which are expressed questions linked to desire and language. By studying oneiric accounts of Chinese 17th-18th-century short stories and novels, and by analyzing to what extend these dreams are more or less modern, I observe in my thesis new ways of expressing subjectivity in pre-modern China, notably by showing how useful psychoanalytical tools may be when applied to this literature.

Research fields :

My research is about Ming and Qing popular literature (14th-19th centuries). I am thus interested in
- huaben 話本, which are prose narratives written in vernacular language
- Ming plays (Xixiang ji 西廂記, The Western Chamber by Wang Shifu 王實甫, Mudan ting 牡丹亭, The Peony Pavillon by Tang Xianzu 湯顯祖...)
- Ming and Qing novels (Xiyou ji 西遊記, Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en 吳承恩, Honglou meng 紅樓夢, Dream in a Red Chamber by Cao Xueqin 曹雪芹...)
- Qing short stories collections (Liaozhai zhiyi 聊齋誌異, Strange Tales of Liaozhai by Pu Songling 蒲松齡, Zi bu yu 子不語, What the Master would not discuss by Yuan Mei 袁枚, Yuewei caotang biji 閱微草堂筆記, Notes of the Thatched Abode of Close Observations by Ji Yun 紀昀...)

I am particularly interested in the supernatural in Chinese fiction literature. That is why I closely studied death and rebirth in Chinese popular literature. That led me to ponder over questions such as these of retribution, body, memory... On the whole, my research is about the representation of the invisible world.
My thesis leads me to study dreams in classical China.

Publications :

LUCAS, Aude (2017). “Oublier son origine  : L’amnésie de soi comme condition de la subjectivité dans le Rêve Du Pavillon Rouge (Honglou Meng 紅樓夢 ) de Cao Xueqin 曹雪芹(XVIIIe siècle).” Travaux en cours   : Origine/Origines, n° 13, p. 203–214.

Public presentations :

May 20th 2017 : "When an Eccentric Taoist Becomes Involved in Mundane Affairs : A Fantasy", during the Eleventh International Conference on Taoist Studies (DaoConfParis 2017 : Creativity and Diversity), Nanterre, France.

August 2016 :" "Transgressive Yet Tender : How Sons Rebel Against Their Fathers in Pu Songling’s Liaozhai zhiyi ?" in the panel ""Rules and Rebellion : Defying Authority in Ming and Qing Fictional Narratives", during the European Association for Chinese Studies Biennial Conference, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

June 9th 2016 : "To Forget One’s Origin : Self-amnesia as a requirement for subjectivity in Dream of the Red Chamber (Honglou meng) by Cao Xueqin (18th century)" [Oublier ses origines : l’amnésie de soi comme condition de la subjectivité dans Le Rêve du Pavillon Rouge (Honglou meng) de Cao Xueqin (XVIIIe s.)"], during Paris Diderot University Doctoral Meeting about "Origins", Paris, France.

November 13th 2015 : "About a modern oneirology in a great classic novel : Lin Daiyu’s dream in chapter 82 of Honglou meng 紅樓夢" ["D’une onirologie moderne dans un grand roman classique : le rêve de Lin Daiyu au chapitre 82 du Honglou meng 紅樓夢"], during CRCAO doctoral conference, Paris, France.

July 2nd 2015 : "Bodies and gestures : relentless coming-back-to-lives and death rituals in Chinese literary fiction (17th century)" ["Corps et gestes : incessants retours à la vie et rites de la mort dans la littérature chinoise de fiction (XVIIe siècle)"], during French Association of Ethnology and Anthropology Conference, Toulouse, France.

March 28th 2015 : ’’A Construction of the Supernatural : Time and Space in Dreams in Pu Songling’s Liaozhai zhiyi’’ in the panel ’’Dreams Scenes and the Construction of Narrative in Late-Ming and Early-Qing Fiction’’, during Association for Asian Studies’ annual conference, Chicago, USA.

Teaching :

Paris Diderot Paris 7 - Faculty of East Asian Studies – Chinese Department

2014-2017 :

Online exercises, general knowledge about China (Licence degree 1st and 2nd years)
Reading comprehension and translation (Licence degree 1st year)