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Matthias HAYEK

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Associate Professor, Université Paris Diderot


Research Themes

- History and sociology of Japanese beliefs

- Social history of knowledge in modern Japan (17th to 19th centuries)

Major Publications

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Conference Lectures

"Cosmograms, Temporalities, and Computations in early modern Japan", SAW seminar Mathematical Practices in the Context of the Astral Sciences, Université Paris Diderot, 17/10/2014

「うらやさん」—占いからみる専門知識の庶民化」. 国際連携研究「日本文学のフォルム」International Collaborative Research "Forms of Japanese Literature". Tachikawa, Japon, 11/01/2014.

"Doubting the Stars : Critical Views on Traditional ′Science′ in Early Modern Japan".,International Consortium for Research in Humanities (IKGF). Erlangen, Germany, 7/01/2014.

"Goals, Methods And Target Of (Early) Modern Japanese ‘Rationalism’ : Baba Nobutake’s and Nishikawa Joken’s critical discourses", Early Modern Japan Europe Meeting, Kientzheim : CEEJA, 13/12/2013.

「絵入り暦占書と絵入り易占書〜運命・数字・表象〜」,「東アジアにおける占本の挿絵の共通性をめぐって」シンポジウム , Tokyo : Keio University, 7/12/2013.

Discussant at the inaugural conference of the international symposium 怪異・妖怪文化の伝統と創造 [Tradition and creation of the « culture » of fantastical creatures and strange phenomena], Kyoto : International Research Centre for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken), 25/11/2013.

"Almanacs and popular encyclopedias in Modern Japan (17th-19th century) : categories, contents, uses", seminar Littérature pratique et imagination des savoirs, Paris Diderot University, 22/11/2013.

"Early Modern Divination Manuals in Japan : Recent Acquisitions of the Bibliothèque de l‘Institut des Etudes Japonaises", EAJRS 2013 Conference, Paris : INALCO, 20/09/2013.

"Sources of the Wakan sansai zue  : conditions of possibility of a compilation knowledge in Early Modern Japan (17th-19th century)", seminar Histoire des sciences, Histoire des textes (SPHERE), Université Paris Diderot, 25/04/2013.

"Correlating Time and Space : the Role of Temporal Parameters in Japanese Arithmomancy and Hemerology", International Workshop : Techniques of Prediction I : Chronomancy, Erlangen : F.-A. University, IKGF, 8/05/2013.

"From visible to invisible : spirits, demons, and fantastic bestiary in Japan", International symposium, Une esthétique de la fantasmagorie  : fantômes dans l’Extrême-Orient d’hier et d’aujourd’hui, Paris : INALCO, 21/02/2013.

Discussant during the International Symposium Shû to danpen no disukûru, organised by the CRCAO and National Institute of Japanese Literature, Tokyo, Keio University, 8/09/2012.

"Fate calculation at one’s finger tips : Uses of the hand as a divination tool in Late Medieval-Early Modern Japan", seminar Histoire des sciences, histoire du texte du REHSEIS—SPHERE (CNRS-Université Paris-Diderot), Paris, 7/06/2012.

"Talismans ? Amulets ? Holy cards ? European Collections of Japanese Ofuda and How to Define Them", Workshop "O-fuda : The Material Culture of Japanese Religious Practice", SOAS Center for the Study of Japanese Religion and Royal Asiatic Society, Londres, 16/05/2012

"Divination and Talismans in Early Modern Japan : Edo Period Amulet and Spell Books", COE Asia and Europe in a Global Context, Universität Heidelberg, 10/05/2012.

"Categories, and encyclopedias in Edo Japan ", workgroup "Circulations en Asie Orientale", Paris, 13/04/2012

"Divination et talismans dans le Japon moderne : recueils de formules magiques et d’amulettes de l’époque d’Edo", International Symposium "OFUDA – IMAGES PIEUSES DU JAPON", Collège de France, 1/03/2012.

“Correcting the Old, Adapting the New : Baba Nobutake and the (Relative) Rejuvenation of Divination in Japan at the End of the 17th Century”, International Symposium "Divinatory Traditions in East Asia : Historical, Comparative and Transnational Perspectives", IKGF, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, and Chao Center for Asian Studies, Rice University, Houston (Texas USA), 17-18/02/2012.

"Early modern Japanese ’encyclopedisme’ : compiling, organizing, and criticizing knowledge", Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge, 23/01/2012.

Public lectures

「『和漢三才図絵』と類書 近世日本の百科思想の知的背景」, Symposium「南方熊楠と『和漢三才図絵』」南方熊楠顕彰館 Minakata Kumagusu archives, Tanabe, Japon, 29/04/2014.

"Supernatural in Japanese Culture : depictions of the otherworld and its messengers in Japan", Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris, 27/09/2014.

"Gifts and taboo words : sound games and bad omens in Japan", Musée Guimet, cycle « Savoir et savoir-faire », 21/02/2009.

University Lectures

Université Paris Diderot
Undergraduate :
Introduction to religion in Japan
Grammar and Translation
History of Japan : texts and methods (2014−2015)
Special workshop : Introduction to reading printed cursive writing (not in 2014-2015)
Graduate :
Methodology of Japanese studies (with K. Yatabe)
History and sociology of beliefs and knowledge (2014−2015)
Masters : Cinema and visual anthropology : magic and curses in Japanese films (with Mary Picone, 2014- 2015)