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Amulets and Talismans of East Asia

by Lemardelé Élise - published on , updated on

Directors: Matthias Hayek (UPD) and Josef Kyburz (CNRS)

Permanent Member: Christine Mollier (CNRS)
Doctoral Student: Julien Faury
Post-Doctoral Student: Didier Davin

In continuity with the initial phase of this project launched in 2001, the next five-year period will focus on the creation of a research and database network linking the various European collections of Japanese amulets and talismans (mainly those housed at: College de France, Musée du quai Branly, Pitt Rivers Museum of the University of Oxford, British Museum, British Library, Ethnographic Museums of the City of Geneva and of the University of Zurich). The network is further to be extended to the Japanese collections and databases that are currently being established by university research centres and ethnographic and graphic art museums in Japan following the European example (Kokugakuin University, Machida Municipal Museum, Historiographical Institute of the University of Tôkyô). Pursuing the avenue opened by the symposium held in March 2012 (the proceedings of which have just appeared in print), we would like to extend our research to other East Asian countries, namely China and Tibet, and carry out a comparative study of talismanic traditions in the Chinese cultural sphere. Besides regular meetings bringing together researchers of the CRCAO and of other external institutions, a conference on Asian talismans is planned for the end of the five years’ period.