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Scholarship and Intellectual Practice in Tibet

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Director (permanent member) : Matthew Kapstein (EPHE)

This project involves work in two main areas :

1. Historical Anthology of Tibetan Religious and Philosophical thought

Associate Members : Marc-Henri Deroche (Kyoto University).
Doctoral Students : Cécile Ducher (EPHE), Rémi Chaix (EPHE).

Post-doctoral Students : Elijah Ary (EPHE).

Collaborators : Pierre-Julien Harter, Thierry Lamouroux, Ananda Massoubre

Tibetan studies in France have generally neglected the history of Buddhist philosophy and this project aims to address this shortcoming through the preparation of an introductory work in twenty-four chapters devoted to the study of the history of Buddhist thought in Tibet. The work draws on numerous Tibetan sources on the subject, as well as the research of German, Japanese and Anglophone scholars that is now available. The anthology will serve as a reference tool for the next generation of French scholars of Tibetan and Buddhist studies and will also constitute an original contribution to the study of these fields.

2. Sanskrit manuscripts in the Tibetan regions of China

This international project was initiated in Beijing in 2008 (see Sanskrit Manuscripts in China, ed., Ernst Steinkellner et al., Beijing 2009). M. Kapstein will be working in collaboration with Professor Luo Hong (Beijing), on a close reading of the sole extant manuscript of the Madhyamakamanjari by Abhayakaragupta (circa 1100), whose many other writings figure among the major sources of later Buddhist traditions in Tibet.