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Translation and Cultural Transfers in East Asia

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Directors : Rainier Lanselle (UPD), Cécile Sakai (UPD) and Florence Xiangyun Zhang (UPD)
Permanent Members : Claire-Akiko Brisset (UPD), Damien Chaussende (CNRS), Anne Gossot (Université Bordeaux 3), Annick Horiuchi (UPD), Marc Kalinowski (EPHE), Rainier Lanselle (UPD), Pierre Marsone (EPHE), François Martin (CNRS), Rémi Mathieu (CNRS), Charles Ramble (EPHE), Cécile Sakai (UPD), Gérard Siary (Université Montpellier), Daniel Struve (UPD), Françoise Wang-Toutain (CNRS) (theme : « From Tibetan to Chinese and from Chinese to Tibetan : translation issues ; analysis of Buddhist and historical texts »).

Associate Members : Anne Bayard-Sakai (INALCO), Anthea H. Y. Cheung, Valérie Lavoix, Brigitte Lefèvre (University of Lille), Sumie Terada (INALCO), Michel Vieillard-Baron (INALCO), Shao Baoqing (translation of the Shipin by Zhong Rong, 468-518), Françoise Robin (INALCO).

Doctoral Students : Juliette Xu (working on Issues in French translations of classical Chinese texts on furniture). Alexis Lycas (translation of the Shuijingzhu).
Zhang Qiang (working on Specification & clarification in Chinese-French literary translations.
Isabelle Lavelle, Gérald Peloux.

Post-Doctoral Students : Lara Maconi.
Collaborators : Emmanuel Lozerand (INALCO), within the framework of the CRCAO’s partnership with CEJ (bi-lingual literary collection).

The purpose of this programme is to organize and optimize the team’s wide and diverse expertise in the field of translation and cultural transfers.
The programme will focus simultaneously on regional, theoretical and practical aspects and revolve around the three following activities :
• Reflections on the processes and effects of cultural transfers and exchanges between the different linguistic regions of Asia throughout given historical periods around central themes such as the diffusion of Buddhism, Sino-Tibetan interactions, Asia and its contact with Western modernity, translation issues etc.
• Epistemological contributions stemming from translation studies in relation to issues proper to East Asia, by examining the validity of certain theoretical models, such as equivalence, domestication, linguistic borrowings etc. Translation studies have renewed our perspective on cross-cultural transfers but have been primarily conducted within a Euro-centric framework that does not sufficiently take into account in-depth knowledge of East Asia.
• Pooling of the team members’ current translation work & experience, both theoretical and practical. Special emphasis will be placed on the purpose and utilization of translations’ publications.

Translation projects for the next five years include :

- Anthology of Chinese Poetry (director : Remi Matthieu), Bibliothèque Gallimard, (other team members involved : Stephan Feuillas, Rainier Lanselle, François Martin).
- Translation of Sima Guang’s (1019-1086) Comprehensive Mirror to Aid in Government (Zizhi tongjian), by François Martin, Les Belles Lettres.
Translation of Liu Zhiji’s (661-721) Generality of Historiography by Damien Chaussende, Les Belles Lettres.
- Translation of the Book of Rites by Stephane Feuillas and Marc Kalinowski, Les Belles Lettres ;
- Translation of the Story of the Western Wing by Rainier Lanselle, Les Belles Lettres.
- The Koten group’s translation work of classical Japanese literature, Le Bruit du Temps and Editions Boccard, Institut des Hautes Etudes Japonaises.
- Various translations of Chinese and Japanese literature in reference translation collections, such as Compilation of Great works of Modern Japanese Literature, Belles Lettres, bilingual edition in partnership with CEJ, INALCO).
The project is supported by the Centre for Studies in Interdisciplinary Translation-University Paris-Diderot (created in May 2012).

Events and Activities :
• Workshops and annual one-day workshops
• Academic visits from foreign researchers
• International conferences (a conference focusing on Asia will be held in 2016).
• Publication of the research (proceedings of the workshops, conferences, translations).