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The Japan Team

by Lemardelé Élise - published on , updated on


The Japan Team includes around twenty permanent members and post-doctoral researchers as well as around forty doctoral students. The team’s statutory members are for the most part lecturer-researchers from the University of Paris Diderot and the EPHE.

The members of this team all have in-depth knowledge of Japanese language & civilization; the sources they use are in Japanese and they collaborate with both Japanese and international research organizations. Their specialized fields of study cover history, literature, religion and popular beliefs, as well as sociology, anthropology, visual culture, history of thought, and history of technology (history of architecture).

The Japan team also collaborates regularly with INALCO’s Centre d’Etudes Japonaises or CEJ (Centre for Japanese Studies), especially in the field of Classical Literature (namely the Koten group’s research work). With the support of the Institut des Hautes Etudes Japonaises, the team has developed close ties with the Institut National de la Littérature Japonaises (Kokubungaku kenkyu shiryokan) and together they have organized several conferences over the last four years (2009-2012). Moreover, for the last five years, the team, in collaboration with the CEEJA, has organized an annual international conference together with the Research Center for International Japanese Studies of the University of Hosei. The team has also formed an exchange partnership with the Research Centre for Non-written Cultural Materials.
Throughout the last four years (2009-2012), the team members have published 24 scientific works, contributed 102 chapters to various publications, and directed or co-directed 25 publications pertaining to literature, history, arts, religions, and intellectual life. The team also regularly holds study meetings and conferences, and hosts around ten conferences a year in which internationally renowned specialists in Japanese studies are invited to speak. Its specialized collections are kept within the libraries of the Institut des Hautes Etudes Japonises (IHEJ) and of the LCAO UFR (University of Paris Diderot), and as a result of this longstanding collaboration, the IHEJ collection is now one of the richest collections of Japanese works in Europe (around 41 000 titles), especially with regard to history, classical literature and religion during the classical & pre-modern eras.

Members of the Japan team supervise students enrolled in the doctoral programme ‘Languages, Literature, Image, Civilisation, and Social Sciences’ (French, English and East Asian) of the University Paris Diderot (ED131), and the EPHE doctoral programme (ED472). They also act as lecturers for two Asian Studies Masters programmes in Paris: Master of Japanese Studies (Master d’Etudes japonaises), in association with both the University of Paris Diderot and INALCO, and the EPHE’s Master of Asian Studies (Master Etudes asiatiques).