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Charles MANSON

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Titre de la thèse  : La vie et l’oeuvre de Karma Pakshi (1204/6-1283)

Sous la direction de : Matthew KAPSTEIN


Manson, C. E. ‘Sending and Taking’ in Tibetan and Himalayan Healing : An Anthology for Anthony Aris (Kathmandu : Vajra, 2015)

Manson, Charles & Hill. Nathan W. A Gter ma of Negatives. H.E. Richardson’s Photographic Negatives of Manuscript Copies of Tibetan Imperial Inscriptions Possibly Collected by Rig ’dzin Tshe dbang nor bu in the 18th Century CE, Recently Found in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. In : Kurt Tropper (ed.) Epigraphic Evidence in the Pre-modern Buddhist World. Proceedings of the Eponymous Conference Held in Vienna, 14-15 Oct. 2011. Vienna 2014 : Arbeitskreis für Tibetische und Buddhistische Studien, 83-115.

Manson, C.E. Manifold Manifestations of Karma Pakshi : from a newly acccessible copy of a 14th-century text. (Emaho, London, 2012)

Manson, C.E. Introduction to the Life of Karma Pakshi (1204/6-1283). Bulletin of Tibetology. 2009, 45 (1), 25-52 online at :


2015 July – presentation at Buddhist Society, London : The Origins of the Reincarnate Lamas tradition in Central Asia

2014 June - paper at Jerusalem Univ conference ’New Directions in the Study of the Mongol Empire’ : Warrior Emperor and Ecclesiastic Thaumaturge : relations between Mongke Qan and Karma Pakshi

2013 July - presentation at IATS XIII, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia : Digital Cataloguing of Tibetan Texts at the Bodleian Libraries

2013 Mai – presentation at INALCO, Paris : ‘Journée des doctorants en études tibétaines’ : Elements of the Instigation of Institutionalized Re-Incarnation

2013 March - paper at Association of Asian Studies, San Diego : Elastic Time, Magical Memories.

2012 Sept – paper at Wolfson College, Oxford, conference : ‘Beyond Biography’ Manifold Manifestations : Karma Pakshi’s various lifetimes as recounted in a newly available manuscript.

2011 Oct - paper at Vienna University conference, ‘Epigraphic Evidence in the Pre-modern Buddhist World’ : A gTer ma of Negatives - H.E.Richardson’s photographic negatives of manuscript copies of Tibetan imperial inscriptions collected by Rid ‘dzin Tshe dbang nor bu in the 18thC CE, recently found in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.

2011 June - paper at IABS XVI, Taiwan : Emaho ! The Visions of Karma Pakshi.

2010 Aug – paper at IATS XII, Vancouver : The Tantra Library of Karma Pakshi