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The Genji monogatari

by Lemardelé Élise - published on

Principal Investigators : Anne Bayard-Sakai (professeur, CEJ), Sumie Terada (professeur émérite, CEJ) [pour le CEJ], Daniel Struve [pour le CRCAO]

Disciplines Literature, Translation.

Participants :

Full Members

Jean-Noël Robert, Stéphane Feuillas

Associate Members

Michel Vieillard-Baron (professor, Inalco), Estelle Bauer (professor Inalco)

International Collaborators

Claire Brisset, Rajyashree Pandey (reader, University of London), Keta Masako (professeur, Université de Kyôto), Kimura Saeko (Professeur, Université Tsuda), Jinno Hideaki (Professeur, Université Waseda)


This long-term project is based on a workshop dedicated to the translation of the Genji monogatari as well as tri-annual research cycles, each consisting in two workshops and an international symposium, that will address renewed research questions. After the initial translation cycle (2015-2017), the next research topic put forward is 身と心 (mi to kokoro). Based on two key terms of Japanese poetry (mi: body, physical and social being, and kokoro: heart, inner self), research will examine the place of the Subject in literary works from the Heian period, especially in autobiographical and fictional prose, from various perspectives. A first preliminary presentation of our research activities is planned for March 2018, with a workshop dedicated to the body and the status of women. The next workshop will explore the question of the Subject from the point of view of Buddhism. Finally, an international symposium will propose a summary on current research concerning this topic and open up new perspectives.
The program also intends to continue the translation workshop (fourth book of the « Yūgao »).

Scientific output and planned scientific activities
a. Scientific activities: workshops and international symposiums.
(2018: Workshops on the status of women: with Rajyashree Pandey (University of London) and Kimura Seiko (Tsuda University)
2019: Worshops on Buddhism: with Keta Masako (Kyoto University) and Jean-Noël Robert
2020: Mi to kokoro international symposium.

- Translation of the fourth chapter of the The Tale of Genji (“Yūgao”), publication in book form of the first four chapters of The Tale of Genji.

b. Scientific output
Publication of the keynote presentations from the workshops and at the symposium in a special issue of the Cipango. Publication of the keynote presentations that were given in Japan.
Publication in book form of the first four books of The Tale of Genji.