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Maritime knowledge for Asian Seas

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An interdisciplinary dialogue between maritime historians and archaeologists

November 21 (Wednesday)
École française d’Extrême-Orient
22, avenue du Président Wilson, 75016 Paris

(9:00-9:15) Opening Session
(9:15-13:00) Port governance and networks. Storage jars
(14:00-17:30) Hazards at sea and sailing weather

(18:30) Sails of Asia
Opening of the photographic exhibition

November 22 (Thursday)
Institut d’études avancées de Paris
17 quai d’Anjou, 75004 Paris
(registration for this venue is compulsory)

(09:00-15:30) Ships of the China seas : between local tradition and exogenous influences
(15:30-18:00) Ports and harbour areas


November 23 (Friday)
École des hautes études en sciences sociales
105, boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

(9:15-12:00) Seafaring languages, loan words, and "lingua franca"
(13:00-15:00) Mapping maritime landscapes in Asian seas
(15:15-16:45) Maritime charts and sailing directions : who used them and how ?

Organized by the seaFaring research programme, with the financial support of the ANR, the CCKF, the EFEO, the CRCAO, and the assistance of the EHESS, and the IEA