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par Lemardelé Élise - publié le


Research themes
My one-year research project is the publication of the English translation of Lhag pa don grub’s historical novel Drel pa’i mi tshe (‘A Life of a Muleteer’).

Participation to the CRCAO’s research programme
ANR Project « History of Modern Tibetan Societies »

The introduction to the work, the first of its kind to be translated into English, will provide both scholars and general readers with a detailed study of the historical, social, and economic milieus in which the plot is set. The factual essence of Drel pa’i mi tshe conveys the spirit, mentality, and conditions of a Tibet suspended between past and future. Through the eyes of the main character, a young servant of an aristocratic estate in the central province of gTsang, Lhag pa don grub brings back to life the buzzling energy of the mid-1940s and early 1950s Tibet, a period filled with promises and expectations never to be fulfilled. The numerous minutiae on daily life will be compared with information contained in other texts, both literary and non-literary, thus proving to be extremely useful in the context of the project of social history of the ANR project TibStat.