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by Lemardelé Élise - published on , updated on

Conservatrice, chargée de recherche, Musée royal de Mariemont

Thèmes de recherche

- Histoire des collections (histoire des musées d’art asiatique en Europe, art chinois pour l’exportation, faux et faussaires)
- Monnayages d’Asie orientale


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10/2017 : Numismatic and metallurgical analysis of Korean coins in the Ashmolean Museum, BUMA IX. Dong-A University, Pusan.
08/2017 : From tomb to museum: the journey of a Chinese bronze vessel over 3,000 years. European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology. Zürich University.
09/2016 : Kutsuki Masatsuna’s collection of East Asian coins in the Ashmolean Museum. Joint East Asian Studies Conference. School of Oriental and African studies (SOAS).
08/2016 : Era name and power regalia on Song coinage. 21st Biennal conference of the European Association for Chinese studies. St Petersburg University.
02/2015 : From cataloguing to treasure hunting: working with coins at the Ashmolean Museum. Oriental Numismatic Society meeting (ONS). British Museum.
09/2012 : Private collections at wholesale: through Japan to the United States, the coin collection of Luo Zhenyu (1866-1940). XIXth Biennial Conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies (EACS). Université Paris-Diderot.