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University of Paris (Diderot)

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation title
Cosmological Knowledge and Nagasaki Scholarship in Japan at the Turn of the 18th Century : A Study of the Writings and Milieu of Nishikawa Joken (1648-1724)

Annick Horiuchi and Catherine Jami

Japanese Studies Fellow of the Japan Foundation (2019-2020)

INSPIRE Fellow at Université Sorbonne Paris Cité (2016-2019)

Previous education
M.A. in Japanese Studies, University of Paris (Diderot), 2016
B.A. in Humanities, Yale University, 2014

Research interests

  • Circulation of cosmological knowledge in East Asia (16th to 18th century)
  • History of science and knowledge circulation in Nagasaki during the Edo period
  • Role of interpreters of Dutch and Chinese in the diffusion of foreign knowledge in early modern Japan

Scientific activities
2019-2020 Foreign researcher at the University of Tokyo (Historiographical Institute)

2017-2018 Research student at Keio University (Institute of Oriental Classics)

Said Monteiro, Daniel. “Celestial Sciences in the Works of Nishikawa Joken (1648‒1724).” Historia Scientiarum 29, no. 1 (September 2019) : 112–35. [peer-reviewed]
Said Monteiro, Daniel. “Tōdo to nanban no kōsaku  : kinsei nihon no uchūkan o megutte” 唐土と南蛮の交錯―近世日本の宇宙観を巡って [China and the Southern Barbarians : On Early Modern Japanese Cosmology]. Hikaku nihongaku kyōiku kenkyū sentā kenkyū nenpō 比較日本学教育研究センター研究年報 13 (March 2017) : 109–11.

Presentations and conference papers
December 2019 : "Nishikawa Joken’s cosmological views from the perspective of Hua-Yi thought : celestial scholarship, the five agents, yunqi and the calendar" [in Japanese], invited presentation at the monthly seminar on Tianjing huowen organized by Prof. Hiraoka Ryuji at the Osaka Science Museum (Osaka, Japan)

August 2019 : “Nishikawa Joken and the celestial sciences : an early modern Japanese scholar’s understanding of astronomical phenomena”, paper presented at the 15th International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia at Chonbuk National University (Jeonju, South Korea)

July 2019 : “Natural philosophy and the popularization of knowledge in late 17th and early 18th-century Japan”, paper presented at the 11th International Convention of Asia Scholars at Leiden University (Leiden, Netherlands)

March 2019 : “The interpreters of Chinese and the making of ‘Nagasaki science’ in mid Edo Japan”, paper proposal presented at a workshop co-organized with SOAS and the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies at INALCO (Paris, France)

March 2019 : “The milieu of Nagasaki interpreters of Chinese and knowledge circulation in 17th-century Japan” [in French], invited presentation at the seminar “Sciences et savoirs de l’Asie orientale dans la mondialisation (XVIe-XXe siècle)” at EHESS (Paris, France)

November 2018 : “Understanding one’s station in the world through Nishikawa Joken’s The Merchant’s bag", paper presented at the international workshop “Intellectual and cultural life in Tokugawa Japan as seen through books” organized at Paris Diderot University (Paris, France)

November 2018 : “Changes and continuities in mid-Edo Japanese cosmological thought” [in French], paper presented at the 5th CRCAO doctoral workshop at EFEO (Paris, France)

January 2018 : “Explaining the movements of qi : Nishikawa Joken (1648-1724) and the understanding of extraordinary phenomena in early modern Japan”, paper presented at the French-Japanese workshop “Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics” at Keio University (Tokyo, Japan)

October 2017 : “Celestial sciences in the works of Nishikawa Joken (1648-1724)”, poster presented at the International Conference on Traditional Sciences in Asia at Kyoto University (Kyoto, Japan)

August 2017 : “Astronomical and calendrical sciences in the works of Nishikawa Joken (1648-1724)", paper presented at the 15th International Conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies at NOVA University (Lisbon, Portugal)

December 2016 : “China and the Southern Barbarians : on early modern Japanese cosmology” [in Japanese], paper presented at the 11th International Consortium of Japanese Studies at Ochanomizu University (Tokyo, Japan)

2018-2019 French-Japanese translation and Japanese text comprehension for first-year students in the Japanese major