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Histories and Historians in Classical China

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Directors : Damien Chaussende et Béatrice L’Haridon

Members : Pablo Blitstein (univ. Heidelberg), Damien Chaussende (CNRS), Sylvie Hureau (EPHE), Béatrice L’Haridon (univ. Paris Diderot), Alexis Lycas (post-doc CRCAO), Daniel Morgan (CNRS, Sphere), Shao Baoqing (univ. Bordeaux)

Collaborators : Chen Jianmei (University of Zhejiang), Stephen Durrant (University of Oregon), Sebastian Eicher (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität), Lee Chi-hisang (FoGuang University, Taiwan), Lu Shih-hao (National Taiwan University), Michael Nylan (University of California, Berkeley), Hans van Ess (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität), Olivier Venture (EPHE), Matthew Wells (University of Kentucky)

This program aims at organize and develop research dealing with the writing of history from Han to Tang dynasty, a foundational period during which the “pillars” of what would be later considered as official historiography are produced, and at the same time an original period, mainly characterized by private writing of history. Within this framework, we will focus on works and on genres, as well as on the ideas, the intentions and the methods of those who produced these works. A working group on the Hou Han shu has already begun its activities at the occasion of the EACS Conference (August 2016). A first workshop on the historiographical genres is scheduled for the beginning of 2017, and an international conference on the Shiji for 2018. One of the activities of this program also consists in the participation of some members to the Encyclopédie des Historiographies (CESSMA, editorial project directed by Nathalie Kouamé and Anne Viguier). Damien Chaussende is the coordinator of some sixty notices dedicated to Ancient and Imperial China historiography.