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par Lemardelé Élise - publié le , mis à jour le

Titre de la thèse : Littérature et divination : étude de la mise en scène des arts divinatoires dans le Yijianzhi de Hong Mai (1123-1202)

Sous la direction de : Stéphane Feuillas

Thesis presentation.
The essential point of my research is to study the narration of Song society mental universes through a selection of texts taken from the Yijian zhi of Hong Mai (1123-1202), and which concern divination.
Through this study, I try to analyze different aspects of the interpretation of mantic signs, and to understand every context in which a consultation might happen. Furthermore, I try to demonstrate how destiny is, mostly, a narrative phenomenon. This invisible force is indeed, to me, nothing but a link that is produced to connect events that are inexplicable when taken individually ; destiny therefore only exists by the mean of the narrative work of the author, which connects apparently meaningless occurrences, thus making a coherent stream of events which leads the character to a particular destination of his existence. Many questions arise in this study ; for instance, does the author have his own particular point of view when he is writing his anecdotes ? Are we facing texts that are only a pure neutral recording, or does the author invite us to a more profound and subtle reading ? Through these questions, I fundamentally try to go beyond a pure ethnographical, or anthropological reading on one hand, and a pure literary reading on the other. Indeed, even though many very interesting works have been published on Hong Mai, almost none of them have gone beyond this division of analysis.